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When ears are swollen shut?

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In severe cases, a complete ear blockage can occur because of the swelling. This condition is known as otitis externa. Usually, the infection starts within the ear canal, then causes the spread of infection through the ear.

Symptoms of a Serious Ear Infection

Most people experience minor symptoms at the beginning, which get worse when the condition is left untreated. Common symptoms include:

Mild to severe ear pain
Itching sensation in the ear canal
Abnormal discharge of fluid from the ear
Temporary hearing loss
normal time, only one ear is affected. Usually, the infection is caused by bacterial exposure, although these symptoms can also develop due to allergies, environmental irritation, or fungal infections.

What Causes the Ears to be Swollen Shut?
Your ears can become swollen shut due to the development of an infection or exposure to irritants. Common causes include:

Exposure to bacteria in polluted water, such as swimming pools or hot tubs
Inserting cotton swabs in the ear canal for cleaning
Contact with irritating chemicals, such as hair dye or hair spray
Damage to the ear canal skin due to trauma or objects inserted into the ear
Skin conditions in the ear canal, such as seborrhea or eczema
The most common cause of this condition is due to water in the ear. Having water in the ear creates an ideal environment where infection can flourish. Additionally, the uncomfortable feeling often causes people to tug or scratch at the ear to relieve the pressure. As a result, these actions can damage the skin inside the ear, which increases the risk of complications.

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