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hearing loss

When do you need to protect your hearing?

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hearing loss

In general, the more you are exposed to excessive noise, the higher your risk of hearing loss. Even if you do not appear to be very loud or you do not have extreme discomfort if you stay in contact with them for long periods of time your hearing can be damaged.
However, the loss of loud sound can cause damage more quickly.

Danger signs
Unfortunately, it is rarely obvious when damage is occurring to our hearing – we tend to notice it afterward.
However, we can try to be aware of the noise levels in the situations we find ourselves in. If you have to shout at the background noise to make yourself heard, your hearing is likely in the danger zone, where prolonged contact may be impaired.

Obviously, if you find you have ringing in your ears or experience pain, it’s a sure sign your noise exposure is too high. This often appears after the noisy event (like a music concert) is over. If you find it difficult to hear for several hours after the noisy event or hear ringing in your ears or other unusual after-effects, then your hearing has probably been in danger.

You can rest your ears by avoiding loud noises. And in the future, in similar situations, you can be more aware and act earlier to reduce the effects.

Hidden dangers to our hearing:

These days, many people regularly use earphones – on the way to school or work, while out running, or just while relaxing at home.
Earphones are very handy, but it’s not always clear how much sound they are creating. However, they can produce up to 100 dB, while some can produce even more. At this level, you risk damage to your hearing after a mere 15 minutes.
Some smartphones show when the volume is at a dangerous level, using red bars on the volume indicator.

City life
Just living in a city can also increase your risk of hearing damage – by 64 percent.
This is according to a study that was recently published in the medical journal The Lancet. It just goes to show how continuous exposure to noise can cause hearing damage.

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