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What Is Involved In The Cochlear Implant Process?

A cochlear implant is basically a small electronic device that is used to electrically stimulate the cochlear nerve which is the nerve for hearing. Many steps are involved in the cochlear implant process. They are:

First Consultation-
Professionals from the hospital inform the patients about this process. They include topics for tests like that of pre-implantation testing and counseling.

Auditory Brainstem Response Evaluation-
This is done to figure out the degree of hearing loss. This is done to provide a functional assessment. It is done for audiological assessment.

A Hearing Aid Trial-
This is short for younger ones and may take some time to assess for older people. Through this, they try to determine if an older child demonstrates the responsibility and the motivation which is required to wearing the hearing aid technology.

Further Evaluations-
It is very important to conduct some evaluations to provide information on a child’s functioning in many areas. Some of them are speech-language, developmental, cognitive, and also motor evaluations. These evaluations must be conducted by professionals.

Evaluation by an otolaryngologist-
It is done to get a medical history of the child and also to evaluate the structure of the ear. It is done to evaluate the anatomy of the cochlea. A CAT scan and MRI will be done for this.

Expert Counselling-
A cochlear implant is a big decision. It requires counseling and a need to get the family fully educated about this. They are counseled on what to expect out of this. They are guided to be strong and to accept the outcomes of the implantation.

Habilitation Process-
This is to help the family get a clear understanding of the training process which is required after the surgery. This training usually starts before the surgery so that children are at ease. They get familiar with the process and after the surgery, they do not panic.

Education Programs-
Children and families get enrolled in this program. This helps develop communication strategies after the surgery. This helps them get a hold of themselves. Through this, they cope up with the upcoming changes. This is done to prepare the child after implantation.

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