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Stapedectomy Service at Satkriti Hospital in Varanasi

Satkriti ENT hospital in Varanasi with over 25,000 ENT patients and 10,000+ ENT surgeries performed to date, and 30,000+ happy patients with an overall success rate of 90% for Stapedectomy in Varanasi. 

Satkriti hospital is one of the leading ENT hospitals for Stapedectomy in Varanasi and Purvanchal. Satkriti offers a wide range of ENT services to patients at an affordable cost. The foundation of Satkriti was laid by Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta, a pioneer and commendable contributor to the ENT field, in the year 2012. 

The ENT department at Satkriti hospital has well-trained and experienced ENT experts. Satkriti hospital is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class equipment and an operation theatre. Satkriti hospital aims to provide high-quality medical care for the entire spectrum of ear, nose, and throat problems. Satkriti’s team of highly skilled doctors, surgeons, and paramedics deals with every case with a personal approach to treating each case individually and providing comprehensive care. 

Satkriti ENT specialists cover all verticals of ENT treatments, including Otology, Audiology, Cochlear Implantation, Skull-Base Surgery, Rhinology, Allergy, Phono Surgery, Speech and Swallowing Surgery, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery, and Rhinoplasty.

For more information about Satkriti hospitals for Stapedectomy ENT treatment, contact us at 8765848001.

Ear services at Satkriti Hospital in Varanasi

  • Otology and Neurotology 
  • Micro ear surgery and storage 
  • Stapedectomy
  • Cochlear implant
  • Audiology services
  • Tinnitus management

Stapedectomy ENT service at Satkriti hospitals in Varanasi 

The ear contains three parts: the external, middle, and inner ear. The sound that enters the external ear is conducted into the inner ear via three tiny bones and ossicles in the middle ear that vibrates synchronously and stimulates the nerve endings in the inner ear. 

The stapedectomy deals with the ear problem. It is an intricate surgical method wherein an expert surgeon removes the innermost bone (stapes) of the three bones (the stapes, the incus, and the malleus) and replaces it with a prosthesis. It helps patients with progressive hearing loss caused by otosclerosis, which is a condition wherein the spongy bone in the middle of the ear hardens and hampers the movement of sound in the inner ear.

Our team of ENT specialists is experienced in identifying the problem of hearing loss and its cause. If the reason is a hardening of the bone at the stapes, we suggest a stapedotomy. When the problem is with both ears, the worse ear is treated first.

Facilities for stapedectomy at Satkriti hospitals 

  • approved and practised anaesthetists to administer the anaesthesia, ensuring no side effects.
  • Endoscopic and microscopic examination of the ears to identify and locate the causes of hearing loss and to diagnose the problem.
  • The surgery is performed by reputed and experienced stapedectomy surgeons for the best results.
  • laminar flow operation theatre for surgical processes.
  • Post-surgery observation and assistance.

What are the symptoms of otosclerosis?

  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Balance problem 

What causes otosclerosis?

Three tiny bones deep inside your ear vibrate to amplify the sound waves that pass through them. Following transmission to the cochlea, sound waves are converted into signals and sent to the brain. When the stapes bone fuses with the surrounding bone tissue, otosclerosis develops. As a result, the sound is no longer effectively transmitted. 

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How is otosclerosis diagnosed?

Otosclerosis is diagnosed by a healthcare provider who specialises in the field of hearing. These include an otolaryngologist and an otologist. 

  • Diagnostic testing begins with ruling out other diseases or conditions that can cause symptoms similar to those of otosclerosis.
  • Measurements of hearing sensitivity and middle-ear sound conduction are part of the hearing test. 
  • Sometimes imaging tests such as CT scans are also used to diagnose otosclerosis.

How is otosclerosis treated?

Treatment for otosclerosis is determined by the severity of your condition. Hearing aids can be used to successfully address milder cases. Surgery can help improve hearing in some cases.

A stapedectomy is an otosclerosis methodology in which your surgeon continues to operate on your middle ear. This prosthesis allows sound waves to travel to the inner ear without passing through the stapes bones. Hearing is improved as a result if you have otosclerosis in both ears, your surgeon will operate on one at a time you will probably have to wait at least six months after the first surgery to schedule the second one.

Risk factors associated with the treatment 

  • Feeling dizzy after surgery 
  • losing one’s sense of taste
  • Ringing in the ear 
  • In some cases, after surgery, you may not improve your hearing. In that case, you need hearing aid surgery.

Pre-care for stapedectomy

  • Make an appointment with Satkriti Hospital’s ENT specialist.
  • Answer the doctor’s questions, such as your medical history and medical issues. and so on.
  • Ask the doctor a few questions to clear up your doubts and questions.
  • Take the treatment eventually.
  • Follow the do’s and don’ts and diet care suggested by the Satkriti Hospital ENT specialist.
  • Stop smoking for 3-4 weeks before the treatment.
  • Routine blood tests and urine tests will be done.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Leave the jewellery and valuables at home.
  • You will also need a chest X-ray and an ECG to access the lung and heart status.

Post-care for stapedectomy treatment?

  • Do not drink and smoke after surgery
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding antibiotics and pain medication.
  • Stay away from aspirin and aspirin-related products, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Take your medicine to control the pain.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Take good food.


Why choose Satkriti hospitals for stapedectomy services in Varanasi?


At Satkriti hospitals, the ENT department treats ear, nose, throat, head, and neck disorders. It has been established to provide the best possible care and is committed to providing comprehensive treatment with highly qualified and experienced doctors and the latest technology and equipment. ENT treatment at Satkriti is based on international and national guidelines and also emphasises prevention care.


  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta is a renowned ENT specialist with extensive experience of over 15 years.
  • The largest ENT hospital in Varanasi
  • Certified doctors, surgeons, paramedics, and caregivers,
  • Our ENT specialists cover all verticals of ENT treatments, including Otology, Audiology, Cochlear Implantation, Skull-Base Surgery, Rhinology, Allergy, Phono Surgery, Speech and Swallowing Surgery, Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery, Rhinoplasty, and Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Dedicated departments 
  • 25000+ ENT patients
  • World-class lab equipment 
  • Expertise in ENT surgery from around the world
  • 24/7 pharmacy
  • modern, fully equipped operating room for various ear, nose, head, and neck surgeries
  • 20000+ surgeries were performed for discharging ears with 100% closure of perforation.
  • Cutting-edge facilities
  • 200+ strong clinical team
  • Video consultation 

For more information about Satkriti hospitals contact us at 8765848001.

Cost of the stapedectomy at Satkriti hospitals

Satkriti hospitals provide all ENT treatments at affordable prices. We strive to provide all the best services at the most reasonable prices. However, this is dependent on the treatment you received and the ENT specialist, among other factors. 


Pradeep Sharma

Thanks to Satkriti hospital for providing effective stapedectomy treatment services to me. I’m very happy about the treatment they have given me. The hospital is very clean and hygienic and has world-class equipment and cutting-edge lab facilities and operating rooms. The doctors were very friendly and down-to-earth. 

Karthik Yadhav

One of my friends recommended Satkriti Hospital for my ENT treatment, and when I went there, I was blown away. They provided me with the best ENT treatment at a reasonable cost, as well as the best infrastructure and operating rooms.

Stapedectomy service at Satkriti hospital-FAQS

1. What are the other services you have?

  • Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery 
  • Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery
  • Laryngology 
  • Head and neck surgery (otolaryngology)
  • Paediatric otolaryngology
  • Hearing Aid
  • OPD

2. How long does it take to recover from a stapedectomy?

Many people can return to their normal routines in a week after having stapedectomy surgery. Those whose jobs require more heavy lifting and physical activity may need more time to rest.

3. What is the cost of the treatment?

Satkriti hospital offers ENT treatment at affordable prices. Depending on the complexity of your ear problem and the ENT specialist who treated you, your treatment cost will vary.

4. What is the payment mode?

You can pay through Google pay, Phonepe, card, cash, etc. All are accepted.

5. How can I get in contact with Satkriti hospital for Stapedectomy ENT surgery or ENT treatment in Varanasi?

Satkriti Hospital provides round-the-clock medical services to people suffering from ENT and diabetes-related problems. We are a group of professionals who provide a wide range of ENT and Diabetic services to our patients with corrective and preventive care with dedication and expertise. Reach out for Stapedectomy treatment in Varanasi.

Make an appointment for ENT treatment at Satkriti hospital in Varanasi.

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Facilities we offer


  • 1

    Approved and practices anesthetist to administer the anesthesia ensuring no side-effects

  • 2

    Endoscopic and microscopic assessment of the ears to identify and locate the reasons for the hearing loss and diagnosis of the problem

  • 3

    Surgery performed by reputed and experienced Stapedotomy surgeons for the best result

  • 4

    Well-equipped, laminar flow operation theatre for surgical processes

  • 5

    Post-surgery observation and assistance