Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery

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Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery is an ultimate solution for treating the effects of injuries or chronic illness like cancer. These are reconstructive procedures that are focused on improvising the facial appearances and performing face restore function. It focuses on the nose and face area and includes several intricate procedures for restoration to pre-damage condition. The common procedures included under two different surgery modules are:

Facial Reconstructive Surgery Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Ear Reconstructive Surgery Chin augmentation
Nose Reconstructive Surgery Cheek and mid facial augmentation
Scar Treatment Eye reshaping
Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer Facial Reconstruction Eyelid surgery
Facial Trauma Treatment Facelift and Nose Lift
Facial reanimation or correction for paralysis Forehead Lift

Facilities we offer

Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery

  • 1

    Advanced and effective Botox injections

  • 2

    Hi-tech and advanced cosmetic procedures to enhance aesthetic value as well as treat discomfort at the neck and head region

  • 3

    Surgeries for nasal airway improvement by deviated septum correction, sinusitis surgery in the conjunction with nose re-shaping rhinoplasty surgery and more executed by expert surgeons in well-facilitated operation theatres