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Otology and Neurotology Doctors deal with the problems with external, middle and inner ears problems that have a diverse effect on the neural connection between the ear and the brain. Such a problem can be identified with problems like Ear pain, ear discharge, hearing loss, tumors affecting the ear, etc. We are an expert team offering comprehensive care for all ear related issues including balance, facial nerve, and skull base disorders. All our treatments are based on up-to-the-minute diagnostic evaluations and critically devised remedial plans to work efficiently on hearing disorders, skull base tumors, tinnitus (ear noises) and balance. Otology and Neurotology department has a team of experienced surgeons who boasts to be commended clinicians and academicians. As a fully equipped treatment center, we are readily available to offer all-inclusive diagnosis and treatment services for hearing and balance disorder as well as hearing aid services.

Facilities we offer

Otology and Neurotology

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    All types of medical and surgical treatments to treat a range of ear-related issues that affect the ear-to-brain connection.

  • 2

    Microscopic and endoscopic examination of minuscule ear cavity for core examination.

  • 3

    Qualitatively and quantitatively assessment of hearing and balance functions of the ear through Audiological and vestibular testing.

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    Video head impulse testing for identifying lesions in patients with dizziness concern.