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Laryngology surgery in Varanasi


What is Laryngology?

Laryngology is a specialty dedicated to the care of throat problems. The larynx is also called the voice box, and the larynx is the central organ of the Laryngology. The image shown is a picture of the larynx from the front view. The larynx and larynx are wonderful body structures that allow patients to talk, sing, breathe, and swallow. The vocal cords (or vocal folds) are the smallest structures within the larynx that are necessary for this normal functioning. Unfortunately, some patients develop throat problems that prompt them to seek care from a doctor or speech pathologist.

Common diseases in Laryngology:-
  • Benign (non-cancerous) voice cord lesions.
  • Changing in voice (dysphonia).
  • Problems of breathing.
  • Breathing shortness (dyspnea).
  • The problem of swallowing(dysphagia).
  • sore in throats.
  • coughing from long-term.
  • Chronic sore throat etc.

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