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Hearing loss in children

Do our children have hearing loss?

Hearing loss (Hearing loss in children) is common in children. Therefore, when you ask your children to help you set the table and they do not respond, it may not only be selective hearing but the onset of hearing loss.

Do you doubt your child’s hearing loss?

When your child grows up, his voice becomes sensitive so that you can easily detect it. Before the age of four months, your baby may open his eyes widely, wrinkle his eyebrows or shift his eyes toward the sound. It eventually becomes easier to detect the response of sounds around your baby, after four months. This is when he starts moving his head from the side of the sound and appears to listen.

How can we help our children with hearing loss?

Your children may have gone through a hearing loss (Hearing loss in children) as a newborn, but sometimes a hearing loss can develop later by using a hearing aid (Hearing Aid in Varanasi). If your saw signs of hearing loss, you should consult your doctor as soon as and get a referral to a hearing care professional. There is the best ent doctor in Varanasi and also the best ent doctor in Varanasi.

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