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Thanks to the technical evolution, man has found solutions to a number of problems, which, once hampered the lifestyle the most. One of the technological blessings to the medical industry is the hearing instruments that aid in allowing people with listening problems to hear clear and loud. While hearing aids are a long treasured addition to the medical fraternity, the newer versions are coming with several advanced features including amplification of sound and comfort of wearing. They can now be programmed to reduce unnecessary sounds, improvise speech clarity, minimize feedback whistling, and set bespoke volume levels as per the wearer’s comfort.

Offering the best hearing aid prescription:

To ensure you are able to reap the best profit of this advanced technology, it is important that you are guided and prescribed to the right fit. At Satkriti, We are expert hearing care professionals that understand your hearing concerns and help you with the best hearing aid solutions that enable you to hear the best sound quality.

A comprehensive 3-tier system to the best hearing aid solution:
Following a 3-tier system to find the best hearing aid solution for your problem is what makes us stand out of the crowd.

  • In the first level, a patient has to undergo a thorough examination under the ENT Specialist.
  • In the second level, an Otologist performs Otoscopy which ensures that the ear is clean and ready to find the best hearing aid fit. The otologist that identify the magnitude of hearing loss and counsel the patients.
  • In the third and final level, the expert prescribes the best hearing aid fitting and technology to the patients.