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Advanced hearing aid technology to suit the digital age.

Digital hearing development has impacted almost the medical industry – and hearing aids (Hearing Aid in Varanasi) are no different. In just the last decade, digital developments have resulted in some of the best hearing aids hitting the market, including some of the smallest hearing aids imaginable.

Now present time not only can the electronic elements carry more information than ever in a digital hearing aid, but the batteries can be charged speedily and cost-effectively, and last for longer overall. Just look at some of the best options from Oticon and more, a company supported by a century of hearing aid manufacturing.

When it comes to digital hearing aids (Digital Hearing Aid Varanasi), Hidden Hearing is proud to offer several high-quality options designed to suit every individual’s needs.

Learn more about our digital hearing aids below, or book a hearing test to find out more about your own requirements – and the types of hearing aids that could work for you.

Brain Hearing:-
Instead of compensating for ear damage, Brain Hearing reduces the effort on the part of the wearer by focusing on how the brain addresses sound-reducing fatigue and providing a more comfortable experience.

Brain Hearing provides four audiological technologies, including:

1. Spatial Sound – which allows both ears to work in real-time with the brain.
2. Speech Guard – recognizes voices and helps the brain to refocus
3. Free Focus – helps the brain to zone in on what is important to hear by the user.
4. YouMatic – enhances sound recognition.

Digital hearing aids benefit from modern connectivity, which can leave wearers of older, existing devices feeling frustrated about their experiences.

ConnectLine works based on proximity to a secreted wireless transmitter and removes frustrations around decaying sound quality. It is supplemented by a series of products to meet individual hearing needs.

Feedback Shield:-
Implementing a feedback shield ensures that interference, which can present a negative impact on hearing aid effectiveness, will not disturb the wearer – ensuring a clearer and more natural sound.

Free Focus:-
As individuals, our hearing needs are unique. Free Focus introduces a range of directional features that help users to make the most of their digital hearing aids.

Spatial Sound:- 
Most hearing aids can make sounds between left and right ears difficult to discern. Spatial Sound creates differentiation between different sounds but brings them together binaurally to create a realistic soundscape. This reduces user fatigue and enhances natural sound reproduction.

What are digital hearing aids?
A digital hearing aid (Digital Hearing Aid Varanasi) works by receiving and digitizing sound, before amplifying it for the user. Digital hearing aids work thanks to a microphone and microprocessor and can be programmed to adjust to the needs of the individual.

How much do digital hearing aids cost?
Digital hearing aids (Digital Hearing Aid Varanasi) come in at a variety of price points, based on the specifications and requirements of the user in question. To find out more about how much a digital hearing aid may cost, visit one of our hearing centers, or contact a member of our team for more pricing information.

How long do digital hearing aids last?
Hearing aids have an average lifespan of three to seven years, although this can be longer depending on the technology in question. You can find out more about the predicted lifespan, including any warranties offered, through your chosen hearing aid brand.

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