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Diabetic Services in Varanasi

Diabetes is a health condition wherein a person has to follow certain dietary guidelines, monitor blood sugar levels, and manage treatment, including insulin. Also, one has to become physically active, following an exercise schedule as per the recommendation of the doctor.

The person affected by the condition need to learn to manage the various situations arising due to the diabetic status, himself/herself, when at home.

Diet is an important part of controlling diabetes. A fair idea of diet which improves the glycemic control is very important. Dietary control leads to great results in the future in terms of the health of the person.

Obesity is one of the leading reasons why people develop diabetes at the first place. Though there are many other reasons as well including genetics, but obesity remains the primary cause. There are a few simple calculations that can be used to check overweight or obesity status.

BMI Weight status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5-24.9 Normal or Healthy weight
25.0-29.9 Overweight
30.0 and above Obese

A variety of tests are required to be done initially to assess the status of the patient. The treating doctor might advise the patient’s to repeat the tests in a given interval which depends and differs from case to case.

People who move on from the stage of prediabetes to diabetes need medication and/or insulin along with dietary changes and physical activities t keep their blood sugar levels in control. Here experts advise patient to regularly check their blood sugar levels, using a Glucometer, which is a handy tool to measure the level of sugar in the blood, at home.

Different types of Diabetes:

Treatment of diabetes:

The treatment for diabetes differs from one individual to another and might end up in a catastrophe, in case, initiated on own. There are some conditions such as Hypoglycemia, wherein the patient experiences low blood sugar levels occasionally can be fatal.

Here, we would like to emphasize that while diabetes can be controlled and managed, there is no known cure for it. In most of the cases, diabetic persons can lead a high-quality life by taking appropriate measures on regular basis.

It is important to address the rising epidemic of diabetes and make the society free from its burden. Thus, the sole purpose of creating this website is to provide the basic knowledge to the persons and family members of affected persons regarding diabetes.

We have a qualified and experienced team of diabetic doctors, offering comprehensive in-house patient and outpatient facilities to diabetic patients of all kinds. We are fully equipped to handle simple to complex cases of diabetes including managing and supervising of diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. We also staff experienced diabetic doctors who help patients with disorders related to the pituitary, adrenal, para-medic thyroid, and reproductive endocrinology. We are the best diabetology hospital in Indian offering successful treatment for gestational diabetes and lipid and metabolic disorders through a variety of tools including insulin pump therapy, counseling and more.

Diabetic Coaching

Diabetes can be a tough battle to fight without the right supervision or guidance. Our diabetic coaching facility is targeted to provide education, information, encouragement, support, and guidance to people who are suffering from diabetes. While you may still need to visit a diabetic health care provider, a diabetic coach can ensure that your visits to the doctor are less frequent. Our staff is certified to offer diabetic coaching and education. It is important for you to seek knowledge about the problem of uncontrolled sugar levels in your blood stream to ensure you proceed in the right direction and get enough tools to beat diabetes.

Diabetic Foot and Wound Management:

A patient suffering from severe diabetes can develop an open laceration on the bottom of the foot which is medically termed as Diabetic foot ulcer. The ulcer creates a big wound as the body fails to heal itself. However, when consulted with the doctor at the right time, the ulcer can be managed and prevented from growing through proper medication and treatment. The ultimate treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer is non-painful lower extremity surgical removal.

We extend paramount nursing care to our patients dealing with diabetic issues. Our expert’s doctors prescribe effective medication to treat diabetes complication effectively and prevent the need for surgical rectification at the first place.

Glucose Challenge Testing:

It is one important assessment to define the way your body reacts to the sugar (glucose) levels. The Glucose challenge test is usually performed during pregnancy to check gestational diabetes which commonly occurs during the pregnancy state. It is a two-step process wherein you are made to drink a glass of sugary solution in step one and then checked for the bodily activities in  step 2. The test results help the experts assess the possibilities of gestational diabetes.

A1C Diabetes Test:

Also known as glycosylated haemoglobin, glycated haemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C and HbA1c. It is the basic test, performed to diagnose the type 1 and type 2 diabetic conditions in a patient and assess how individual body reacts to sugar levels. The test shows the blood sugar level in your body on an average value for last 2-3 years as it checks the number of hemoglobin coated with glucose.