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Diabetes care: 8 ways to avoid complications

Diabetes is a serious medical condition in which the body’s ability to process blood glucose which is commonly known as blood sugar is impaired. Care for diabetes is a commitment and is proven to be effective. It reduces life-threatening worries. The top 8 ways to avoid complications of Diabetes care are:

1. Manage your diabetes:
Study about this condition. Start managing your eating habits and watch your weight. Do not skip over your medications. Monitor your blood sugar. You should not take this casually. Should visit your doctor regularly.

2. Control your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure:
When you have diabetes, high cholesterol could be lethal. It is important to keep it in control. You should eat healthily and exercise regularly through which you can control your blood pressure.

3. Quit smoking:
Smoking when you have diabetes is very harmful and can cause serious damages. Which includes blindness, nerve damage, kidney damage, heart attack, and also premature death.

4. Routine Vaccines:
Diabetes makes you more prone to catch certain illnesses. It is wise to get vaccinated early on. After consultations, you should get flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, hepatitis B vaccine, and other vaccines including tetanus shots.

5. Improve oral health:
Due to diabetes, you get prone to get infections. You can get gum infections. You must take care of your oral health. It can be done if you brush your teeth twice a day, clean your tongue, floss your teeth and use certain things like fluoride toothpaste and mouth wash.

6. Prevent Foot Problems:
High blood sugar can damage the nerves of your feet. You should take proper care of your feet. Any cuts should not be left untreated. Consult your doctor regularly.


7. Routine Eye Checkups:
You should take care of your eyes when you have diabetes. You should get regular eye exams. Through this, you will be notified of any damage or infections.

8. Control your drinking habits:
Alcohol can affect your blood sugar. Drinking when you have diabetes should be monitored. It is recommended to not drink on an empty stomach. You should drink less and should try to include small meals with it.

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