Cochlear implant (CI)

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The cochlear implant surgery in Varanasi

The cochlear implant surgery in Varanasi is an electronic device that is developed to help people with inner ear damage. It is placed in the cavity of the ear and replaces the functions of the inner ear. People who are suffering from a hearing loss can benefit from this technology as it acts to pacify the adverse effects of hair loss in the ear cavity and allow sound to be efficiently transferred to the hearing nerve which further carries it to the brain. It can be used in one ear or bilaterally (in both ears). Experts recommend bilateral implants as they enhance the sound hearing experience and allow the listener to make a judgment about the direction of the sound, as well as selective listening.

Cochlear implant Surgery in Varanasi is an aid for:

  • People with loss of hearing ability in both the ears.
  • People who do not receive any help or aren’t comfortable with hearing aids.
  • Loss of 50% of sentence recognition ability in an ear.

Parts of Cochlear Implants:
It has four major parts that process the whole function:

  • Microphone: This is the receptor of the sound
  • Speech Processor: manages the sound received by the microphone
  • Transmitter and receiver/stimulator: Converts the signals received from the processor into electric signals.
  • Electrode array: Receive the electric signals from the Transmitter and receiver/stimulator and distribute it to the hearing nerve.

Facilities we offer

Cochlear implant (CI)

  • 1

    Sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals to assess the ability to hear

  • 2

    Assessing and identifying the extent of loss and offer treatments accordingly

  • 3

    Helping people of all ages to hear sounds without intrusion through the best Cochlear implant

  • 4

    Assistance with implanted, non-implanted as well as ears that use hearing aids for sound reception