Audiology Services

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Audiology services in Varanasi are the basis of finding out the best solution for someone who is hearing impaired. The audiology department administers several tests and processed to find a perfect match between the technology and the hearing disability of an individual. We have a well-established, equipped and staffed department with competence to do our job the best. The equipments are checked frequently and calibrated to fetch the best results and the reports prepared are rechecked by the supervisors to ensure 100% accuracy.

Hearing Aid Prescription / Fitting

It is the prime responsibility of the audiology department to ensure that the hearing aid prescription/ fitting is done with the highest precision. We make sure that your hearing health remains paramount all the times. The entire hearing aid prescription is administered with utmost care to ensure you have the best hearing aid experience and access to natural sounds.

Auditory Verbal Theory:

In the case of children, hearing the sound through a hearing aid for the first time can be a challenge. They might feel uncomfortable and startled to hear the sound. To ensure they adapt to this new way of listening, they are offered a comprehensive training named as Auditory Verbal Theory or AVT.

The experts at Satkriti ENT Hospital offer organized AVT training which helps hearing-impaired children using hearing aids to develop language skills and speak verbally. Satkriti ENT Clinic offer a personalized auditory, developmental program that is developed based on the child’s ability to hear and speak.