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Audiology Service in Varanasi

What is meant Audiology?

The term audiology is made up of two different words: audio and logy. ‘Audio’ means ‘listening’ and ‘logy’ means ‘to study’. In short, audiology (audiology services in Varanasi) is the study of listening – because the inner ear is also needed for balance, it is also included in the study. In medical matters, it is a branch of science dedicated to the study of hearing, balance, and their associated disorders.

Common Audiology diseases:

The common Audiology diseases(audiology services in Varanasi) are Age-related hearing loss, Congenital hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, Ototoxicity (caused by drugs or chemicals).

Symptoms of Audiologic diseases:-

Inability to hear the sound, the possibility of ringing in the ears, sensitivity to sound, and inability to communicate can cause a person to isolate himself. In this case, communication can lead to irritability, social anxiety, and depression.

The most common symptoms of audiological conditions contain:-

Inability to hear certain sounds or discriminatory speech
Having difficulty after the conversation between two or more people
Unable to hear in noisy areas
Compare to men’s women’s voices is difficult to hear
Ringing in the ears(Ringing of the ear)
Sound sensitivity and etc.

Causes of audiology:

Several causes of audiology conditions include:

Outer, middle, or inner ear deformities
conditions of genetic
Damage to very small bones (Ossicles chain) in the middle ear
Remaining fluid in the ear after an infection
Marks on the eardrum due to repeated infections
Infections from a mother to baby’s womb (like toxoplasmosis, rubella, or herpes)
Defects of Birth
Infections during childhood, such as meningitis, mumps, scarlet fever, and measles
A disorder of the inner ear. (Disease of Meniere’s)
An outer object lodged in the ear canal and etc.

Preventions for Audiologic Conditions

This may not always be possible to prevent hearing loss, but here are some ways to prevent your hearing loss.
Reduce your exposure to an intense environment with noise such as a club, concert, or any venue.
Wear earplugs or sound-canceling earphones when you are in a noisy environment.
Take full care of any changes in your hearing and make an appointment to see a specialist if you notice any issues with communication.

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